Manage Kubernetes and other essential cloud-native
software components for your application

Managed CNCF software

Managed CNCF software plan
Assist & Support
get us behind your back

Get 24x7x365 access to experts that will assist your internal team when operating Kubernetes, Databases and other application infrastructure components.

from 500 EUR /month order now
Managed CNCF software plan
Manage & operate
fully offload

Offload complete management and operations of your containerized Kubernetes-based application infrastructure to our team of experts and operators.

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Managed CNCF software plan
Enterprise insource
insource us

Insource a named team of specific, cloud-native specialists that will become a full part of your internal team and assist you with managing your environment.

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Our professional services

Architect & Deploy

Build and deploy your new application with assistance of our certified cloud architects.


Modernize your existing application to be up to date with technical reality of today.


We realize all common migration scenarios - lift&shift, replatform, refactor, and rebuild.

Best practices and security assessments

Assess your cloud deployment against the most important best practices guides.

Scale testing

Know you can scale to meet demand and load test your websites and applications.


Accelerate adoption of new technologies and leverage our training for your engineers and architects.

Cloud experience in your private environment with Kubernetes and the CNCF

CNCF ecosystem is not only about Kubernetes, it is about many different useful software building blocks designed to be deployable into Kubernetes and architected to have similar properties like managed software on big public clouds – scalability, high availability and seamless operations.

With the CNCF and Labyrinth Labs as your managed services partner you can achieve similar experience in your private environment like in big public clouds.

Space station Illustration

Select additional components to your Kubernetes environment

Polyglot approach to data management

The polyglot persistence is a popular practice of using multiple different database engines based on data type stored. Leveraging our expertise with a broad set of various database engines you can design your data layer for polyglot persistence and we take care of all the day-1 and day-2 operations so you can focus on developing your application.

Polyglot approach to data management

Solving communication in distributed cloud native environments

Proper design of networking and communication in a distributed cloud-native applications is hard. There are many abstractions, use cases and technologies , all this with substantial amount of overlap. We help you understand and properly implement this layer and help with ongoing operations of underlaying software solutions.

Managed service mesh
Managed service mesh
Managed Ingress
Managed Ingress

Choose from variety of popular application middleware

From event driven backends to big data processing we manage most popular communication middleware that is widely used to implement various types of distributed applications. We help you make the right design choices in the beginning and help you with day-2 operations, performance tuning and scaling of the underlying technologies.

Choose from variety of popular application middleware

Leverage object storage for your cloud native applications

Generic object storage is a vital component of many modern cloud-native applications . We offer a completely managed object storage solution based on Minio technology. It provides a cost effective, scalable and performant on premises solution and provide comparable experience to big public clouds. The solution is deployable as a standalone cluster or into existing Kubernetes cluster.

Leverage object storage

LabLabs was a great help during our migration to Kubernetes. The service they provided was always very professional with high-qualitative output. It was great to have them as a fully integrated part of our team.

– Anton Foth
CTO at Coya

The CNCF Space station

Cloud-native Computing Foundation (CNCF) ecosystem provides a self-sufficient platform for your whole application.
Kubernetes and additional third party middleware are integrated for a truly cloud-native experience.

The CNCF Space station
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