Manage your CD/CI pipelines, version control
and other DevOps processes and solutions

Managed DevOps solutions

Managed DevOps plan
Assist & Support
get us behind your back

Get 24x7x365 access to experts that will assist you with your DevOps and all processes around the software development and software delivery.

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Managed DevOps plan
Manage & operate
fully offload

Offload complete DevOps and CI/CD tasks to our team of release engineering experts and operators and get support for all underlying technologies.

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Managed DevOps plan
Enterprise insource
insource us

Insource a named team of specific, cloud-native specialists that will become a full part of your internal team and assist you with managing your environment.

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Our professional services

Architect & Deploy

Build and deploy your new application with assistance of our certified cloud architects.


Modernize your existing application to be up to date with technical reality of today.


We realize all common migration scenarios - lift&shift, replatform, refactor, and rebuild.

Best practices and security assessments

Assess your cloud deployment against the most important best practices guides.

Scale testing

Know you can scale to meet demand and load test your websites and applications.


Accelerate adoption of new technologies and leverage our training for your engineers and architects.

Leverage a flexible mix of DevOps technologies

Modern software release engineering is a complex task but if done right it can dramatically boost a productivity of developer teams. Our release engineering experts build highly flexible DevOps solutions and help clients to focus more on a software development and less on dealing with software delivery pipeline issues.

We build our DevOps solutions using a set of proven technologies which can be combined together in multiple different ways to better fit specific customer requirements.


Select components of your managed DevOps solution

Version control

Choose from popular source control systems

Whether you are on premises or in cloud we'll help you design a source control system for high availability, scalability and security and take care of long-termongoing maintenance of the underlying technologies. We will also assist you with all related processes to integrate the source control system seamlessly into your organization.

Tools: Gitlab, Github, AWS CodeCommit

Build & Test

Choose from continuous integration tools

Build and test pipelines and help minimizing their execution time and false-positives by architecting them for high paralelelism and reliablility. Execution time and reliablilty is a critical metric in modern software development where developers commit early and often.

Tools: AWS Codebuild, Gitlab CD/CI, Jenkins, Github Actions

Version deployment

Choose from popular continuous delivery/ deployment tools systems

Our release engineering experts will help you deploy your production application into a variety of runtime platforms such as Kubernetes or Major public clouds while following deployment best practices of given environment. We can assist with a proper design and execution of more complex deployment scenarios like for example canary deployments or human-less continous deployments.

Tools: AWS Codedeploy, Gitlab CD/CI, Jenkins, Github Actions, Argo

Container Registry

Choose from popular Container registry systems

Manage private container registry that will serve as a location for your container images. We'll assist you with a proper adoption of public cloud registries or we'll deploy a private registry designed for high availability, scalability and security and cover all necesary ongoing day-2 operations.

Tools: AWS ECR, Gitlab container registry, Harbor


Choose from popular secrets store systems systems

Secrets storage and management is a critical component of any automated software delivery pipeline. We'll help you leverage highly secured, controlled and auditable secrets store system whether hosted on public clouds or deployed on premises and take care of ongoing management and maintenance.

Tools: AWS KMS, Vault

People from LabLabs helped us with transformation to DevOps. They created first Kubernetes POC for us (some parts of it, we use even in production), as well as participated in our workshops, where pointed us towards the right direction during transformation to DevOps and microservice architecture. We really value their professional approach to the challenges, they faced in our company.

– Marian Schmotzer
Cloud Infrastructure Architect, Coresystems FSM AG

Additional DevOps solutions

Explore some complementary but interesting areas which can help you to improve your development and release processes. These solutions can become a part of your CI/CD pipelines and enhance various aspects of your software delivery.

Leverage our hands on experience with more specialized release management areas now!


Get insights into what is happening within your delivery pipelines.


Incorporate automated security scanning into your delivery pipelines.


Implement smart release strategy to avoid massive service disruptions.


Implement various organizational processes and approvals as part of your pipeline.

Chaos engineering

Challenge your production with best practices chaos engineering techniques.

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