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Run your games in cloud

Deploy your games to cloud and reach global community of players without worrying about infrastructure capacity to sustain heavy, unpredictable loads.

Cloud is an ideal place for runnig your gaming backends. Its global footprint makes it very easy to deliver games to a global audience with and achieve an excellent gaming experience. We help our clients to design their games for a low latency communication and for unlimited scalability. This together makes operating successul games a breeze. We also help to gather valuable analytics and user data from the underlying infrastructure which can then be used for a better understanding of players behavior.

Uncover player insights

Uncover player insights

Achieve Low latency

Achieve Low latency

Optimize cloud spending

Optimize cloud spending

Scale seamlesly

Scale seamlesly

We were looking for someone to help us bring a vision of using autonomous infrastructure into reality. Labyrinth Labs expertise in cutting edge technologies helped us take our innovations and progress to another level. Problems get solved quickly and the focus of our game developers is where it needs to be. We are finally moving in the direction everyone is happy about.

— Branislav Bernat

Tech Manager at Pixel Federation

Leverage our DevOps excellence

With our expertise at hand you don’t need to worry about complexities of infrastructure management. We help solve many challenges including:

  • High availability

  • Dev/test/production environment separation

  • External access management for administering and development

  • Network perimeter secuirty

  • Workload load balancing

  • Role/user management compliance

  • Monitoring, Alerting, Log Aggregation of the whole environment

  • CD/CI integration - either ours or custom

  • DNS managment

  • Security certificate management

Build your game with us.