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We’re opening a new office in Prague

We’re opening a new office in Prague

Prague is a city of labyrinths. Whether it is the historical center with its tortuous, narrow streets or underground premises of many pubs and restaurants leveraging old buildings’ historical cellars, most of them are pleasant to get lost in.

What is not so pleasant is trying to navigate throughout the labyrinth of modern software technologies. Current trends like cloud or containerization are rapidly transforming the IT industry, and one can get quickly lost in all the competing platforms, vendor technologies, and software design approaches.

We are happy to announce that Labyrinth Labs is opening a new office in Prague, where we will be working with Czech clients and helping them evolve their applications.

Labyrinth Labs is a boutique expert shop focusing on DevOps, Public Cloud, and Kubernetes ecosystem. We have certified experts and operational backing for three leading Public cloud platforms – AWS, GCP, and Azure. With Labyrinth Labs, clients get access to a pool of seasoned experts without strict commitments on allocation and better align resources with actual needs.

In our Prague office, you can count on our commitment to remain an expert-driven company. Our focus will remain on getting things done, hands-on experience, vendor neutrality, and technical and operational excellence. We are looking forward to meeting you at our office at Revoluční 7.

We’re Hiring

DevOps Engineer/Consultant.
Join the Labyrinth Labs Team.
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