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Services for financial sector

Accelerate your IT innovation and leverage our experience with highly regulated financial sector. We help you leverage benefits of cloud and modern application architectures without compomising security and compliance.

It’s interesting times for a banking industry and one of the main challenges financial institutions are facing today is a digital transformation of their business. Public cloud migration is one of the key drivers of this transformations (other two being new fintech technologies and advanced data analytics). Our team can boost the adoption of public cloud and cloud native technologies in your organization.

Bank to cloud

Bank to cloud

We help your organization to leverage cloud in a very secured and compliant way. We understand strict requirements on privacy and isolation and how to achieve them in a highly multi-tenant environments.

Cloud to bank

Cloud to bank

Some workloads have to stay at home. But it would be a pitty not to reap at least some innovations of the cloud era even when you want to stay in your private premises. We are here to help you adopt cloud-native on-remises technologies and to evolve your on-premises applications.

We were looking for someone to help us bring a vision of using autonomous infrastructure into reality. Labyrinth Labs expertise in cutting edge technologies helped us take our innovations and progress to another level. Problems get solved quickly and the focus of our game developers is where it needs to be. We are finally moving in the direction everyone is happy about.

— Softec testimonial

Leverage our DevOps excellence

With our expertise at hand you don’t need to worry about complexities of infrastructure management. We help solve many challenges including:

  • High availability

  • Dev/test/production environment separation

  • External access management for administering and development

  • Network perimeter secuirty

  • Workload load balancing

  • Role/user management compliance

  • Monitoring, Alerting, Log Aggregation of the whole environment

  • CD/CI integration - either ours or custom

  • DNS managment

  • Security certificate management

Let's work together on your next cloud endeaovur.